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New Knockout CD8+ T-cell Pools

Introducing immunology research tools of the future 

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Rewriting the future of discoveries

Whatever your edit, we can make it easier with optimized, multi-guide CRISPR kits and made-to-order edited cells.

We're dedicated to building a novel research toolkit to make genome engineering easier, faster, and more reliable. Leave CRISPR to us–you focus on discoveries.

Our CRISPR journey

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CRISPR Reagents


Arrayed CRISPR sgRNA Libraries

Arrayed CRISPR sgRNA Libraries

Achieve reliably high knockout efficiencies across your entire CRISPR screen for any human or mouse protein-coding gene. Powered by our unique multi-guide design, our ready-to-transfect Arrayed CRISPR gRNA Libraries comprise of SpCas9 sgRNAs targeting one gene per well in a multiwell plate format. Identifying and validating your targets has never been faster and more reliable, with unparalleled quick delivery starting at 7 days and guaranteed editing efficiency.


Gene Knockout Kits

Gene Knockout Kits

The most reliable knockout strategy, guaranteed. Knockout any human or mouse protein-coding gene with our unique multi-guide RNA strategy. Three spatially coordinated modified SpCas9 sgRNAs induce fragment deletions obtaining knockout rates greater than 80%—ships in as few as 5 days.

Engineered Cell Services

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Knockout T-cell Pools

Advance your immunology research with edited-to-order primary CD8+ and CD4+ T-cells. Unparalleled editing accuracy and efficiency enables you to bypass the time and resources spent on optimization. View data showing how our end-to-end platform delivers ready-to-use, functionally validated KO CD8+ T-cells and CD4+ T-cells

Immortalized Express Cell Pools

Express Cell Pools

Increase your speed to critical data with express-edited immortalized cells, offering an impressive 80% knockout efficiency and delivery in under 2 weeks. Ideal for expediting functional assays, target ID and validation, or pathway mapping. Utilize extensive in-house cell lines, available through a partnership with ATCC, or onboard your own

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Knockout Immortalized Cell Lines

Fast-Track Your Research. CRISPR knockout cells streamline gene editing, providing ready-to-use cell lines and eliminating months of optimization. Choose your target, select your cell line, pools or clones, and leave the rest to us. Ensuring you meet your next research milestone with time to spare. It's time you get even more from your workhorse cell line.

Knock-in Immortalized Cell Lines

Knock-in Immortalized Cell Lines

Streamline your lab work with CRISPR Knock-in Immortalized Cells. Receive precision edits for disease modeling and protein studies, bypassing the complexity of DIY CRISPR. Experience fewer repeats and rapid success with our automated process and quality reagents.


Knockout iPS Cell Lines

Human iPS cells represent the most accurate cell model, providing insights into disease progression, drug targets, and human development. EditCo's CRISPR Knockout iPS Cells redefines gene editing with industry-leading editing efficiency in iPS cells without compromising cell quality. Get reliable gene knockout for critical gene function and disease linkage studies, with the assurance of cell integrity.

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Knock-in iPS Cell Lines

EditCo's advanced CRISPR knock-in edits in iPS cells unlock breakthrough potential in neuroscience and regenerative medicine. Trust in our automated, efficient process for high-quality reproducible iPS cell edits, paving the way for your groundbreaking research and therapeutic development. We've set the new gold standard for cell-based disease models.


Engineered Cell Libraries

Confidently and rapidly link genotype to phenotype. Engineered Cell Libraries enhance drug target validation by combining high editing efficiency for scalable, high-throughput CRISPR screening. Expect over 80% editing efficiency for confident selection in functional assays and drug-gene interaction studies.



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Partner with EditCo to harness the transformative power of genome engineering for life science R&D and drive forward human health advancements. Through our Discovery Partners Ecosystem, we offer a unified workflow from engineered cells to phenotypic data, streamlining the research process to accelerate drug discovery.

  • Access comprehensive gene editing and analysis services all in one place
  • Optimize efficiency and innovation in your projects.

Case Studies

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Case Study

Rapid COVID-19 Drug Target Validation with Engineered Cell Libraries

Under the leadership of Dr. Nevan Krogan, the Quantitative Biosciences Institute at the University of California, San Francisco, embarked on an urgent mission to combat COVID-19. Harnessing Synthego's Engineered Cell Libraries, the team embarked on a large-scale screening of human genes interacting with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This approach aimed to identify and validate potential therapeutic targets quickly, bypassing the traditional years-long process. With the precision of multi-guide CRISPR designs and the efficiency of Synthego's genome engineering platforms, the project achieved unprecedented editing efficiencies in over 89% of targeted genes. This collaborative effort not only accelerated the pace of COVID-19 drug discovery but also set a new standard for rapid response in the face of infectious disease outbreaks.

  • Greater than 80% editing efficiency in 89% of the targeted genes
  • 400 genes screened in less than six weeks
  • 40 new proviral-dependency factors crucial for SARS-CoV-2 infectivity discovered.
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Case Study

Large-scale variant analysis for rare disease research

TGen's Center for Rare Childhood Disorders, spearheaded by Dr. Matt Huentelman of the Neurogenomics Division, is pioneering the identification of genetic causes behind rare disorders in children through genome sequencing. Recognizing the limitations of sequencing alone, the center is embracing large-scale functional genomics to uncover what sequencing can't. EditCo’s collaboration on this groundbreaking project involved providing CRISPR edits across 60 genes within the WTC-11 iPSC line. Leveraging automated, parallel processing and advanced genome engineering techniques, EditCo’s contributions significantly expedited the research, saving valuable months and pushing the boundaries of genetic discovery in rare childhood disorders.

  • Studied 12x the variants
  • Delivered in ⅕ the time
  • Actionable insights for better diagnostics and therapeutics

About Us

At EditCo, our journey began within the pioneering gene editing landscape of Synthego, where, for the past 5 years, we've honed our expertise and contributed to the gene editing revolution. Our experience has solidified our understanding of the indispensable role that high-quality, readily available reagents have in propelling scientific breakthroughs.

CRISPR technology stands at the forefront of discovery research, bridging the gap between fundamental biological insights and their application in addressing real-world challenges. Leveraging our proprietary automated workflows, we've minimized cell functionality and performance variability, enabling researchers to confidently achieve groundbreaking discoveries. Embarking on a bold and innovative path, we introduce our vision of Cells as Reagents – a transformative approach that redefines the accessibility and utility of engineered cells in research. By applying the principles of convenience, quality, and swift delivery traditionally associated with reagents, we aim to revolutionize the application of engineered cells, ensuring they are as dependable and reproducible as any standard laboratory reagent.

This visionary shift is not just a change in our product offerings but a reimagining of how scientific research is conducted. We are committed to empowering the scientific community with tools that accelerate the pace of discovery and open new avenues for innovation.


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