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Leave the editing and optimization to us so you can focus your research.

Advancing your immunological research just got seamless.


Whether you're working with CD4+ or CD8+ T-cells, our next-generation Knockout T-cell Pools are paving the way for safer, more effective, and agile healthcare studies.

Fast-track your findings without compromising functionality.

Using gene editing to advance your research should be an intuitive part of your workflow—not a difficult process that requires months of planning and endless resources. Consider our tools your bridge between theory and therapeutic breakthroughs. Avoid sinking time and resources into optimization and spend more time realizing impactful research outcomes. 

With this new tool fueling your lab’s research, you can leverage: 

  • Guaranteed editing efficiency: Our unique multi-guide technology provides optimized guide design, so you can expect more than 80 percent editing efficiency. 
  • Functional cells for reliable assays: With proven post-editing performance, our T-cells provide the confidence you need to drive your discoveries forward. 
  • Save precious time and resources: Don’t risk slowdowns or valuable samples when you can get two vials of more than 1 million cells in less than three weeks.

With proven post-editing performance, viability, and functionality, our T-cells are ready to give you the confidence you need to drive your discoveries forward. Read more and view data with out CD4+ T-cell and CD8+ T-cell flyers. 

Want details quickly? We'll keep this simple. Accelerate your research now.